Zakaria Street Food Guide – Discover the Best Food in Kolkata

Zakaria Street Food Guide – Discover the Best Food in Kolkata

The entire team of time2digital set out on a gastronomic adventure in Kolkata in the spirit of Ramadan. Zakaria Street, a lively center for food and drink, was our chosen location since it is famous for its delicious kebabs, lassis, and biryanis. We were eager to begin our journey so that we could explore Zakaria street food and find the hidden jewels and local favourites that make it so unique. Surprisingly, our staff members not only recommended great places on Zakaria Street but also in the surrounding Khiddirpore neighbourhood. Come along as we explore the streets of Kolkata in search of the greatest eateries and cuisine that the city has to offer.

Well-Known Zakaria Street Food Shops: (Must Try)

Dilli 6:

One of our team members, Bhaskar Banerjee, strongly recommended Delhi 6 as a top destination for Zakaria Street Food due to its exceptional tandoor dishes. Since she suggested Delhi 6, we decided to make it our first stop on our quest to try different restaurants and cuisines. We had been hearing nothing but praise for the tandoori dishes that were served at this renowned eatery. With our stomachs grumbling, we set out towards Delhi 6 to try some of the cuisine on Zakaria Street.

Banerjee believes it would be “a shame to forgo” their Afghan Chicken, which includes tandoor-roasted meat topped with fresh cream, butter, and chat masala. He thinks it would be much better with some of the great sheer mal bread.

Location: Dilli 6 Direction / 16, Zakaria St, Kolutolla, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073

Delhi-6-Street Food in Zakaria Street

Adams Kabab:

As we finished the delicious tandoori dishes at Delhi 6, one of our team members, Avipriya Das, recommended we try the kebabs at Adam’s Kabab. She vouched for their kebabs, saying we had to eat them during Ramadan. After hearing her praise for Adam’s Kabab, we were excited to try the restaurant’s food for ourselves. The smell of cooking kebabs filled the air as we got closer to the restaurant, and our bellies grumbled in anticipation. We were starving and couldn’t wait to try Adam’s Kabab.

The Suta and Sutli kebabs at Adams Kabab Shop, a Zakaria Street Food institution for almost a century, are not to be missed. Beef and spices are wrapped in cotton thread before being skewered on iron rods to make these kebabs. In addition, the boti kebabs are an absolute must-eat since each bite will make your mouth water with happiness.

Location: Adams Kabab / Phears Ln, Colootola St, Tiretti, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073

Adams-kabab-Street Food in Zakaria Street


When we were enjoying our delicious kebabs at Adam’s Kabab, another member of the crew suggested we try Taskeen. They suggested that we visit this legendary restaurant to sample the renowned Murg Changezi. We were so excited to try this famous meal that we hurried to Taskeen. We anticipated a pleasant experience because of the welcoming atmosphere. The tasty Murg Changezi had our lips watering as we browsed the menu. We were eager to sample the culinary wizardry of Taskeen and try this mouthwatering chicken dish.

Murgh Changezi, a chicken dish made with milk, cream, aromatics, and tomato, is a top seller and a crowd-pleaser. This restaurant is well-known for its excellent fried fish and creative chicken dishes. Regulars attest that the high levels of heat in the meal need the thick, creamy falooda or lassi to chill down afterwards.

Location: Taskeen / 16, Zakaria St, Kolutolla, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016

Taskeen-Street Food in Zakaria Street


After we finished our delicious Murg Changezi at Taskeen, our team member Banerjee brought up our earlier Haleem experience at Sufia Restaurant. They urged us to go back there to revisit the experience, recalling with a grin how delicious the Haleem had been. We headed to Sufia Restaurant, anticipating the return of this tantalizing meal. We were still thinking about how amazing Sufia’s Haleem was, and how much we were looking forward to eating it again.

Highly recognised for its slow-cooked excellence, the traditional Kolkata haleem (or daleem) at Sufia and Zakaria Street Food combines a bigger mix of pulses and meat chunks in a creamy sauce. Beef Brain Magaz Haleem is a delicious twist on the traditional dish.

Location: Sufia / Shop No.2, Zakaria St, Kolutolla, Ward Number 43, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073

Sufia Restaurant-Street Food in Zakaria Street

Al Baik:

One of the team members brought up Al Baik’s Special Chicken Kabab as we discussed our favourite meals from the past. After hearing their raving reviews, everyone on the trip agreed that we needed to go to Al Baik. We were anxious to try the restaurant’s renowned chicken kababs. Our stomachs were grumbling, but our tongues were watering as we made our way to Al Baik. We were eager to finally try their famous chicken kababs and take in the atmosphere of this legendary restaurant.

Chicken malai kabab and the chicken special kabab, both cooked over a charcoal flatbed, have made Al Baik famous. Afghani kebabs and rolls are other popular options at this eatery. Al Baik is a newer restaurant on Colootola Street, yet it can hold its own against the old standbys.

Location: Al Baik / 54, Phears Ln, Kolutolla, Tiretti, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073

AL-Baik-Zakaria Street Food

Bombay Hotel:

After a fantastic dinner at Al Baik, one of our staff members, Oyendrilla, walked us to Zakaria Street Food, where he praised the Beef Boti Kababs, Beef Chaanp, and Biriani. Our appetites whetted, we followed her advice and made our way to the restaurant. When we walked in, we smelled the delicious charred meat that had led us to anticipate a wonderful meal.

The intention was for everyone to have the kababs, but the aroma of the Biriani when it was brought to our table was too much to resist, so I got some for myself. I was confident in my decision after taking that first mouthful. Tender, flavorful beef with just the right amount of kick from the spices.

Everyone else in my party liked their kababs as much as I did, and we all agreed that the Bombay Hotel is one of the greatest places in Zakaria Street Food to get a taste of authentic Indian cuisine.

Location: Bombay Hotel / Rajmohan St, Kolutolla, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073


Dilshad Laziz Kabab:

Banerjee, one of our team members, highly suggested Dilshad Lazir Kabab, so we went there. We had heard that the proprietor, Dilshad Bhai, was quite humble and great with customers. We decided to check out Zakaria Street Food as one of the recommended restaurants.

There was a large throng and the delicious smell of grilling meat as we entered Dilshad Lazir Kabab. It was evident that our decision was the correct one. We opted for the famed Malai Kabab and Dahi Kabab, both of which were not only tasty but also affordable.


Dilshad Bhai’s kind and modest nature made for an enjoyable dining experience. He made us feel welcome and at ease throughout our meal by patiently answering our inquiries. The Malai Kababs and Dahi Kababs were standout dishes, and we ate every last one of them.

Location: Bombay Hotel / Rajmohan St, Kolutolla, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073


Haji Allauddin Sweets:

We Bengalis can’t have a proper dinner without a delicious dessert. We’re going to Haji Allauddin Sweets on Zakaria Street since Oyendrilla said it had the best desserts. The aftertaste of their black halwa, which has 32 ingredients including dried fruits, is very wonderful. Mawa Laddo, on the other hand, is a delicately sweet light yellow confection created by combining mawa or khoya with boondi.

You really must taste their best-selling Gulab Jamun, which is a cut above the popular brands sold in stores all across Kolkata. The rich flavour of ghee shines through despite its tiny size and straightforward processing. The Akhrot Halwa, a walnut-filled dessert that receives little attention, is another hidden treasure.

We’ve become regulars at this place, and the proprietors treat us like kings by giving us free samples of their newest products. They go out of their way to be kind and helpful. We can’t wait to dig into all of these delicious Zakaria Street Food offerings!

Location: Haji Allauddin Sweets / 56, Phears Lane, Colootola St, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073


Few other Shops Must Check in Zakaria Street:

Bread, Biscuit & Lachha:

Ramadan treats abound at Zakaria Street Food. Sheermal is the most popular of the several iftar breads sold at sidewalk booths near Nakhoda Masjid. This milk-based flatbread with saffron flavouring is a culinary delight. Bakarkhani is a kind of bread that is topped with poppy seeds and other spices and has a crunchy crust. To use as a gravy or tea dunker. Muslim bakeries in the area are known for producing delicious treats like pakeeza cookies.

On Zakaria Street Kolkata, you may get heaping piles of both fried and unfried Lachha (vermicelli). Additionally, you must taste pherni, a flour-based savoury that is doused with clarified butter. Sevai Kheer, Sheer Khurma, Lachha Sevaiyan, Sevai Halwa, and many more traditional Eid sweets are made from Lachha.

How to Reach:

Gather your group at the Maharana Pratap Statue, which is just across from the Central Metro Station, before setting off on your Zakaria Street food journey. Proceed along Phears Lane and begin your culinary explorations.

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